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Eduardo Verderame

Lives and works in São Paulo.

Eduardo is a visual artist who graduated from the University of São Paulo. Since then, he has participated in more than a hundred individual and collective shows, in Brazil, USA, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Poland, Japan, France, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba and more locations. He has participated in residence programs such as MuseumsQuartier (Vienna 2006), Apexart (New York, 2007), Artists Links (United Kingdom, 2009), and Metropole Nomade at Chateau de Monthelon (France, 2017).

He is Co-founder of art collectives EIA, Esqueleto Coletivo and NaBorda independent initiatives that develop contemporary art festivals and events on the streets of São Paulo. He has studied Brazilian Baroque art since 1994 and in 2010 he launched the book, Histórias de Igrejas Destruídas, by Editora Hedra.


Zainabu Jallo

Lives and works between Switzerland and São Paulo.

Zainabu’s academic and creative work have been conveyed through Fellowships at the Sundance Theater Institute, The Institute for World Literature, Harvard University, The Mellon School of Theater and Performance at Harvard, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, Residenztheater Munich, Chateau de Lavigny, House of Writers in Switzerland. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK, and the UNESCO Coalition of Artists for the General History of Africa. Her scholarly interests include Diaspora studies, Iconic criticism, and Material Culture.


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